Valentine Farm

Quality Barrel Horses and Equine Layovers


A solid foundation is necessary to have a successful performance horse in any discipline.  I will ensure your horse has a solid foundation.  That foundation gives a solid base to go back to when more advanced work is being introduced. I want to have full control of all body parts before introducing a horse to the barrel pattern. This means I have all the forward gears, whoa, reverse, lateral moves, soft in the face, and control of the shoulders and hips. This foundation is important to have throughout the initial patterning and throughout the horse's entire career to fall back upon when tune-ups or adjustments are made. I want to start them correct so they can go on and have a long and successful barrel career.

If it becomes apparent that a horse is not a good candidate for the barrels and it was sent here for barrel training then the foundation that has been put on them will still allow them to excel in whatever discipline best suits the horse--I don't blow up horses by putting too much pressure on them. It is very important that my trainees love what they do to ensure a long and lasting partnership with their owners. If you are just wanting a horse with a great handle and no barrel training I'm happy to provide that also. A well trained horse is always a pleasure to ride.

I welcome visits from my owners at any time while your horse is here--my horses in for training are treated the same as my own which means lots of good care and riding 5 days a week. I have a skilled farrier who can shoe your horse while being trained if necessary and a couple of great vets to cover any and all needs whether it be a performance issue or an emergency. I have a large arena and roundpen with excellent footing and fields and trails to keep your horse's brain happy and fresh.

I can also train horses for pole bending if that is something you are looking for!